Welcome to Indyrok Media!

Indyrok Media is focused on music that you just can't find anywhere else.  We offer free live tracks as well as original music and ambient recordings for sale that you can't find anywhere else. 

We focus on a green distribution model and offer music and art via download.  Sign up for a free account to download tracks now!  We don't share or sell your information, and we are all about privacy.  We also sell high quality hard copy CDs- each CD comes with the high resolution MP3 download included.

All of the live music on Indyrok Media is recorded by us- selected because it is unique and amazing!  We also promote and sponsor music and arts events in the Indianapolis area.  Check our gallery for some of our past events.

Dave Marriner's first release "Social Recluse" is available now!  Dave lives off the grid on a mountain top, but we have a picture of him now! You will hear his music only at Indyrok Media. Listen to "You've Got Me" and buy the EP here

Listen to Bil Whitefeather's Lakota-style wooden flute on his CD "Grandfather's Breath".  This ambient recording was made on a hilltop in southern Indiana, and is an amazing recording.

"The Elegance of India" is an audio documentary of music encountered while traveling along the Ganges River by backpacker and drummer Helger Oomkes.  Look for a new release of this audio trip soon.

You can listen to all of our free live tracks and download them here.  Many of the bands and artists we record are not affiliated with us in any way, we just think they set the bar in their own way.  There needs to be some documentation of their live experience if only to increase awareness and allow sharing of a good thing in the music community.  We talk with these people before recording their performances, provide them with copies and make our recordings available to you with their permission.  Please support them by buying their music at the links provided if not available on Indyrok Media.

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